Reasons to have a Service Writer Booth for your Automotive Dealership Service Area:

• Eliminates the need to provide fully climate controlled environment in your drive up service bay.
• Helps reduce workspace enviroment pollution such as dust which aid in the longevity of sensitive electronic equipments such as computers and prints.
• Provides a highly visable point of reference that allows your customer to locate your Service Representative.

Reasons to consider a factory assemble Service Writer Booth rather than having it built on site:

• Reduces down time of you Automotive Dealership Service intake area. Site prep and installation time typically only take a few days.
• Factory built structures are fabricated under intense quality control standards.
• Can be easliy relocated to a new location should your Automotive Dealership design plans change.

Reasons to choose Powered by Mardan Fabrication for your Service Writer Booth needs:

• We are in the business of doing one thing extremly well. Fabriacting quality booths in very timely manner.
• We work with you to customize your building to fit your specific needs or application requirements.