service booth installation
Service Booth Installation

Mardan service writer booths, also known as Mardan service booths are shipped on wood blocks, to allow for easier fork-lifting. Once the service writer booth or service booth is off-loaded with a forklift, remove the dunnage. Before setting the service writer booth in place, measure and verify one last time that the conduit stub-ups in the concrete are located correctly and correspond with the service entrance holes pre-cut in the floor of the booth.

After the service booth has been set on the prepared concrete pad, check it for levelness and make sure the doors of the service writer booth operate properly. Shim the booth if necessary, then anchor the booth through our anchor clips with a wedge anchor directly into the concrete. The size and PSI of the concrete slab and the specifications for the anchor bolts should be determined by a local engineer familiar with site requirements.

Once the electric service to the service booth’s load center panel is connected, your booth is ready to use. To learn more about Mardan service writer booths, email us at or call us at 1-800-882-5820.